Four feminist myths which are true fiction

People working

Believe it or not but some of the major feminist claims are pure fiction and don’t come even close to the truth behind how the world looks at men and women. Here is the truth behind several of the most famous feminist claims.

  1. Women work more than men, earn less than men and own less than men

People workingAccording to numerous feminist organisations women earn only 10% of the world income and own only 1% of the world’s property. And while these number may seem shocking at first once they are put under…

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Do men really get better wages than women?


For years feminists have been arguing that despite all the changes in the rights for women they still get lower wages than their male counterparts. But is it like this in reality? Many would say that women are still discriminated when it comes to wages when they read or listen to activists that site different sources and studies. But they neglect to look to the other side of the coin as there are an innumerable account of researches that unequivocally prove that the gap between the earnings of men and women isn’t as immense as feminists claim it to…

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