Move houses or move with your house?

Being part of the natural fauna, we people quite often follow the patterns or life style of different creatures. We are often compared to doves or owls depending on whether we are more active during the day or at night time.

But when it comes to traveling and moving around we are trying to take the best of all species – we walk, run, drive, ride even fly (with planes). We change our houses also quite often and for various reasons. Sometimes we are relocating to a totally new venue in the country or abroad to seek new employment options or live easier, happier, simpler. Sometimes our family is growing and we just need bigger space and similar to the hermit crab we just change our shell for a bigger one. Others, however, are more like snails and like to carry their house with them wherever they go.

So which type are you – a hermit crab or a snail?

For those who prefer changing the house

Packed ItemsWell, naturally it all starts with packing. Or rather – it ends with packing. Before that comes the idea or the need of moving houses. There are many reasons to change your home – to name just a few:

  • You are starting a family.
  • You have been offered an attractive job elsewhere in the country or even abroad.
  • You don’t like the neighbours.
  • You would like to have a dog.
  • The house badly needs significant repairs and remodelling that will cost you a fortune.
  • You got promoted / won the lottery and you can finally buy the house of your dreams.

We can add to this list probably tens of thousands more reasons because each individual is unique and has their own wishes. But let us take just one aspect – the size of the house and narrow the reasons down to two:

  1. You need a bigger home
  2. You want to downsize

And now we can start the ball rolling by contacting a series of professionals to assist us. If you leave in a big city such as London, New York or Seattle you know that an expert moving company can help you in almost every step of your removal. Household or commercial moving services in London is probably one of the mostly googled phrase when it comes to relocations. Finding the right company for you might take some time but at the end you will be more than happy for getting professional assistance.

Moving to a bigger house

Perhaps, one of the main reasons to change your home is because your family is growing. So, the one-bedroom apartment downtown, which used to be the perfect venue for so long, is no longer suitable for three or four? Well, if you haven’t got a raise or won the lottery finding a bigger place to stay in the heart of the city may turn out quite expensive or inefficient. A good idea will be to leave the capitol and choose a rural area nearby that will meet your requirements. And to prove that it is possible you can read what the famous author Jessica Fellowes has to say about it from her first-hand experience here.

When small is more

House MovingOn the other hand, there are a lot of people, who prefer downsizing, without money, recession or even Brexit being their main reason. Sometimes it’s because your children are already grown and their rooms stay empty and silent, or you have aged and cleaning is not much fun and takes the whole day or even 2-3. Or there are those minimalist lovers who take it as a challenge to live in the smallest possible home and prove that happiness is something that we do not measure but treasure.  Not having to do domestic chores for hours gives you more time to spend with friends and family or doing your favourite activities. Of course, we are not suggesting that you move into a tiny house and squeeze into less than 300 square feet – though the idea is getting quite popular, especially in the USA – you might consider having a look at this post to see if it won’t help you change your mind.

For those who would rather take the house with them

So, if you are the “snail”-type person you’d rather take your home with you wherever you go. And by take we mean it literally. The first idea of the moving home is associated with Gypsy caravans and travelling showmen and evolved as follows:

  • Horse-drawn caravans
  • Leisure trailers
  • House trailers
  • Recreational vehicles (RVs)
  • Mobile homes

There are of course many other varieties, such as pop-up trailers, truck campers and many others. The RV industry is especially popular in America and in 2010 the Smithsonian commemorated 100 years of the RV.

If you have enough money and imagination you can order a unique luxury RV with extras that most ordinary homes lack. But why stop here? Don’t let your dreams be only dreams. Now there are specialized moving companies that can move your actual solid house across country. So, you are offered an attractive, well-paid job but you have to relocate to another city? And you are so fond of your family house that you can’t even imagine replacing it. No problem – you can take your home with you. Don’t worry about the size. As you can see a 580-ton stone house, built in 1862 was moved successfully to a better location . Thus, you can always be in your own home, no matter what your address is. Besides, this technique can also be used to relocate historically-significant buildings or even endangered giant trees.

Relocation has always been part of our lives and will always be. For those, who prefer exploring new options, a new house is something exciting and yet another opportunity to express themselves. And those who know that their home is their castle there is now an option to move it to a new location, if they have the guts to try it.