The internet is currently debating how to pour petrol onto troubled flames. If you too are sick of reading posts about how the ‘scum’ need to be hit with water cannon / plastic bullets / real bullets, denied access to benefits / housing / oxygen, forced to clean up / walk on their knees to Canterbury with peas in their shoes / endure a medieval trial-by-ordeal, imprisoned for months / years / the rest of their lives – anything, in fact, so long as it’s disproportionately punitive, probably illegal and saves anybody from having to look at a cause for it – then make a cup of tea, open the biscuits, and enjoy some of the better posts, neatly collated for you here.

For posts which allow comments – usual warnings apply.

Charmaine Elliott on Black Feminists: I loot, therefore I am

Lola Okolosie on Black Feminists: We need to listen

Ms Afropolitan: Riot, rage and rebellion

Camilla Batmanghelidjh in the Independent: Caring costs, but so do riots

Laurie Penny: Panic on the streets of London

Laurie Penny in the New Statesman: Demonising the young won’t heal our cities

Joseph Harker in the Guardian: For black Britons, this is not the 80s revisited. It’s worse. [TW for racism on the comments]

Crooked Timber: Austerity and Social Protest

Shakesville: On the UK Riots

Shakesville: On the UK Riots: Part Two

Shakesville: On the UK Riots: Part Three

Shakesville: This the worst thing you’re going to read today – a great response to one specific “I blame feminism” post, but works equally well as a response to all of them.

Arthur Silber: Your approval of history is irrelevant and meaningless – recommended not just for a great post but for creative use of swearing.

There is not all that much out there about feminism and social unrest, other than MRAs whinging about how if women just got back in the kitchen riots wouldn’t happen (er, time to revisit those history books, boys – riots and looting were popular well before women got the vote). If you’ve seen any other good blogs, or written one, post them here.