The Metropolitan Police are asking women who felt their rape complaints were unsatisfactorily dealt with to come forwards after a second detective with the specialist Sapphire unit was arrested for falsifying documents.  I read the report here and was, unusually, speechless.

A guest poster at Liberal Conspiracy provides a brilliant outline of why these moves are down to women like her who complained.  Her experience of what happened when she made a report is blogged here, and it is breathtaking – she discovered in the course of her investigations that the police had pinned her knickers to the noticeboard as a joke, for example.

This is barely two years after the Met last apologised for their huge failings in dealing with rape cases (specifically, for not believing women who report rape). Scotland Yard’s statement now saying that “We want victims to have the confidence that we are here for them” rings rather hollow.

Strength to the women who are prepared to put themselves through yet another traumatic enquiry after being disbelieved or ignored the first time.  And let’s hope that perhaps, this time, the Met mean it.