Looking at feminist problems from all perspectives 

Alternative View

 Questioning the established views about feminism 

Skeptic Approach

 Analyzing all available data to find the real facts 

Finding The Truth

Move houses or move with your house?

Being part of the natural fauna, we people quite often follow the patterns or life style of different creatures. We are often compared to doves or owls depending on whether we are more active during the day or at night time. But when it comes to traveling and moving around we are trying to take…

"We can do it" poster

The Inefficiency Of Extreme Feminism

How extreme feminists think men see women: “It is quite apparent that the fair gender has less physical strength than their male counterparts, from which we can only conclude that their rightful place is beneath men, serving them and catering to their every single whim. Because of their subservient position it is rather pointless for…

People working

Four feminist myths which are true fiction

Believe it or not but some of the major feminist claims are pure fiction and don’t come even close to the truth behind how the world looks at men and women. Here is the truth behind several of the most famous feminist claims. Women work more than men, earn less than men and own less than…


Do men really get better wages than women?

For years feminists have been arguing that despite all the changes in the rights for women they still get lower wages than their male counterparts. But is it like this in reality? Many would say that women are still discriminated when it comes to wages when they read or listen to activists that site different…