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How the modern world is actually a good place for a woman

Throughout most of history, women had… let’s put it this way – less advantages in life than man. Due to a number of factors, women did not have the same rights and privileges in patriarchal society as they should have. Many people would claim that the same thing is true for the day and age…

Simon de Beauvoir with Jean-Paul Sartre, Leah Goldberg and Avraham Shlonsky

Women that have made an immense impact on the feminist movement

French philosopher, Charles Fourier coined the term feminism during the first half of the 19th century. Since then, the movement has had numerous followers but some have contributed more to it than others. Here are three women that have made a difference in the fight for gender equality. Simone de Beauvoir Born in 1908 in…

Bond Street, Mayfair

The largest shopping streets and areas of London

London is a city that offers something to everyone. The capital is a commercial, cultural and administrative hub that can be rivalled by very few destinations around the globe. Many people come to live and work in London for the simple reasons that they have better opportunities for career growth and the quality of life…

Avis rent a car

Car Hire – Service & Industry Overview

In much of the modern world car hire is a well-established and profitable industry. Most people will eventually use a rental car service sooner or later, for one reason or another. The car hire industry has developed extensively since its beginnings in the early 1900s – nowadays people can not only rent conventional passenger cars…

Man in kitchen

The feminist guide to support a man

The most important point in feminism is that men and women are equal and should be treated as such. And while feminism focuses on many and important problems that women face in order to do achieve that equilibrium, we should not forget that men face difficulties from time to time as well. Here is how…

Prince Edward Island

Feminist locations to tell your children about

Gender equality is a very serious matter and we do not think that anyone can argue on that question. As many important questions and principles, the best way to teach them is by starting at an as early an age as possible. In order to help you educate your little kids about feminism, we have…


Desirable Residential Areas in London

London is one of the largest and most populous cities in the world. The English capital comprises of numerous neighbourhoods and residential districts which offer different possibilities and life styles to their inhabitants. However, not all London areas are the same, some are better than others and today we will turn your attention towards several…


Do we need Feminism?

The way the question is asked in the title holds many risks when a discussion begins. This is why we will dabble carefully in that matter and will try to be as neutral as possible. The risks are mainly related to the topic not being understood properly. Feminism is a movement for equal rights of…


Move houses or move with your house?

Being part of the natural fauna, we people quite often follow the patterns or life style of different creatures. We are often compared to doves or owls depending on whether we are more active during the day or at night time. But when it comes to traveling and moving around we are trying to take…

"We can do it" poster

The Inefficiency Of Extreme Feminism

How extreme feminists think men see women: “It is quite apparent that the fair gender has less physical strength than their male counterparts, from which we can only conclude that their rightful place is beneath men, serving them and catering to their every single whim. Because of their subservient position it is rather pointless for…